Reflexology & Reiki Bodyworks

More than just pampering...

If you have never experienced Reiki & Reflexology before, you are in for a treat. As well as adding to your health and quality of life, these bodyworks are deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

Reflexology works pressure points in the hands and feet, and is best described as a combination of hand and foot massage combined with Chinese Acupressure techniques. Reflexology is beneficial to a wide range of health conditions, strengthening and balancing body systems while providing you with a means to manage stress, pain or repetitive strain.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that provides a richly healing experience of connecting to your body and heart. Reiki brings a great sense of peace and rejuvenation.

Together they are synergistic, each amplifying the effects of the other to create a wide range of benefits:

  • help alleviate pain, poor mobility, stress and depression
  • provide a rich deep sense of peace, calm and relaxation
  • boost immune response, helping to trigger deep healing at all levels of your being
  • balance hormonal and endocrine systems, integrating healthy body responses
  • aid in fighting illness and disease states
  • replenish and renew your body, mind and spirit

how often do you *really* appreciate all that your hands do for you?


About Dinah Bear

I've been told that I'm unreasonably fond of books and cats, if that is actually possible. I have a degree in Pharmacology, a diploma in Holistic Health, and private training in Natural Fertility Management. I am passionate about women's sexual and reproductive health!
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