Bodywork Services & Fees

Bear Hands offers  Reflexology & Reiki Bodywork,  Woman’s Cycle Charting Instruction, Couples Reflexology Workshops, as well as a variety of Wellness Packages.

Baby Bear offering Reiki HandsReflexology & Reiki Sessions 1hour & 15minutes of Reiki, Hand & Foot Reflexology, providing a whole body healing experience.

    • Intro or Single Session     $79.
    • Package of Three            $189.
  • Package of Six                 $349.

Holistic Wellness Consultation $79 value.

Let’s take an in depth look at what is going on in your life, mind, body and heart.

  • examine diet, nutrition, lifestyle and herbal supplements for cause and support to your current condition
  • determine possible root causes that underlie your problems
  • for women, use your Charts to help pinpoint reproductive health issues and hormonal imbalances
  • identify emotional and energetic links to physical conditions and illness
  • look at creating new solutions to old challenges
  • develop self care plans, goals and  strategies to build a healthier life

Wellness Packages

Bear Necessities $250

  • 3 Reflexology & Reiki Sessions
  • Holistic Wellness Consultation

Bear Woman’s Wisdom $549

Mama Bear Pregnancy Care $549.

  • 9 Reflexology & Reiki Sessions
  • Holistic Wellness Consultation